Saturday, May 9, 2009

64.2) Chaotic Waterwheel, Thermostat and Heater, Door Buzzer.

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Materials: well oiled bicycle wheel, tape, plastic cups, awl, 20" or so plastic pan, wood to mount bicycle wheel and bucket, small bucket, water

either build this or have it already built.

64.3) Thermostat and Heater

Materials: will a simple house thermostat work under power from a large battery and can i run a small heater off of that also? styrofoam insulated box? wires, nuts and bolts, thermometer (respond as fast as thermocouple?)

setup a thermostat in a styrofoam box and hook it up to some kind of small heater with a fan to warm the box. keep the thermostat open. hook them all up to a battery. watch how the mechanism works and reason it out.

64.4) Door Buzzer

Materials: large battery, thick paper, thin wire, nail, odds and ends hardware..

Method: wrap paper into a tube to fit nail into. wrap the wire around it 100 times or whatever. make a circuit out of the wire, the nail and a peice of metal the nail must contact. get it set up so it buzzes. What can you do to change to rate of buzzing? number of windings? weight of nail? a spring pulling opposite? or use gravity.

Discussion: discuss the kinds of feedbacks involved.

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