Thursday, April 23, 2009

12) Ant Anatomy: Dissect Insects

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So how ARE ants built? Dissect one under a scope and projector. maybe not an ant! Maybe a grasshopper. Dissecting an insect fresh out of the killing jar under Ringer's solution is beautiful. this would be amazing. it's really complicated in there.

Also have slides of finer dissections and photomicrographs. each of those joints has its own muscles, fibers everywhere, nerves, sensors... trachea, stinger and acid gland, nerves, sensors, each antenna joint filled with hairs and sensors. learn to count an array of hairs, parts of compound eye facets. find the brain.

see if you can get an ant to move EACH joint, doing some activity.

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  1. Hi, Do you know how to dissect an insect? Or do you where I can get reference materials on Hymenoptera dissections?



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