Thursday, April 23, 2009

15) How Are Automobiles Built?

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Now the question is: how are automobiles made? They certainly don't make each other, like animals do! Let's visit (virtually?) an automobile factory. Well that's quite a production, but the auto factory doesn't make all the parts, it doesn't chew up 'plant machines' and produces the parts from scratch! other factories do that!

remember we tried to imagine a working ecosystem of robots that could build each other from existing parts. This is our chance to explore how the ecosystem of machines works in the real world. so the next step is to track down the path of each car part and find out what industry it takes to produce it and what parts, materials each of those use, and ... how many different kinds of industrial facilities are required. don't forget all the factories to make the parts of the factories.

Again remember that none of these factories have brains, it's all being coordinated by PEOPLE.

In order to go back to our attempt to make the robot ecology, remember that we've got to add brains/programs to each of our robot factories...

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