Thursday, April 23, 2009

On The Entries Themselves and Intended Audience

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Some of them would be a challenge for university students, even those concentrating on the sciences. Some of the 'labs' are merely descriptions of results too complex to do in this lab setting. Some can be done with paper and pencil. Many can be done by middle school age kids.

My Goal is that something like this lab can become a core requirement for most college degrees much as algebra is now currently (such an antiquated thought style). More exciting would be that students majoring in subjects as diverse as biology, computer science, economics, philosophy can earn a minor in complexity. Some of these topics can be found in courses in mathematics, computer science, molecular biology, physics... but the topics are hidden deep within those fields. I feel they need to be brought together so that their aggregate impact can become apparent.

(This is a preliminary report. I am still in the process of writing many of the labs. Indeed, some I have not yet tried out for my self. I need to rewrite different versions for different audiences.

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