Friday, April 24, 2009

95) Word Mutation Game

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start with one word, and let it reproduce and mutate and interact to form sentences, eventually stories...


bog cog fog hog jog log dig dug dong do doc doe doo dot doge dogs

use a computer program with spell-check dictionary


dog jog. hog jog. bog log. dog dig. hog dig. dog dug. hog dug. dog dong. hog dong. dig bog. dug bog. doc dong. doe dig. dog doo. hog doo. doc jog. doge dong. dog dig log. dog dug log. do dog dig. dig dog doo. do dogs dig. do dogs dig log.

now keep only the words that can interact in sentences:

dog bog hog jog log dig dug dong do doc doe doo doge

mutate them:

hag hug ho hob hoe hoo hop hot how hoy hogs
ajog jo job joe jot joy jogs
blog clog flog slog long lo lob lol lop lot low logs etc...

more combinations:
hog hag. dog hug. dog hop. do dog hop. how do dog hop. how do dogs dig logs. do dogs hug hot docs. how long do dogs dig. do long logs clog bogs. etc....

now if you introduce some geography to all these sentences so that they only join with neighbors. the words themselves are reproduced out of sentences...

now of course the ecological possibilities are fixed from MY understanding of language and imagination. in real biological evolution, you got some fixed ecology given by geology, physics, chemistry, geometry... but the new critters themselves also create new ecological possibilities.

well, in my system the evolution of the words "how" and "do" did the same thing.

I'll never evolve the word "doggy" because "dogg" cant evolve. but now if I allow mutations in SENTENCES, in particular insertions and deletions, I could get: "dog go", and if I allow rare double mutations, a deletion and a mutation can give me "doggy".

here is a toy biology that I thoroughly understand and can play with to get insight into all the quirky details that are possible in this biological evolution game.

Bar, you can make this a game people play! MUCH more interesting than scrabble!

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